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M.D. (Ayurved), Double Gold Medalist.

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Nilesh Jogal

Founder, Jogi Ayurved Hospital.

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What We Provide

Our Treatment

Ayurved fuses our modern lifestyle and habits with our age old Vedic wisdom to treat diseases. At Jogi Ayurved, we ensure personalised treatment for everyone. Our experienced team of doctors will help you to resolve any health issues from its root cause to help you lead a healthy, happy, stress-free and disease-free life.

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Digestive health is most important for overall well being.

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It’s possible to live normal life with balanced blood sugar level.

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High & Low blood pressure is diverse effect on overall health  

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Ayurved has natural and zero side effect way to cure thyroid.  

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Joint Pain

Dont let the joint pain stop you from enjoying healthy lifestyle. 

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Hair & Skin

Hair & Skin are natural beauty, So take care of them natural way

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Adapt ayurved to live pain free life and cure PCOS permanently. 

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Menopause is natural transition. Ayurved can make it smooth

ayurved dosha prakriti


Ayurveda follows the concept of Prakriti which means categorizing the dominance of a person’s Psychophysiological conditions. It is categorized into three dosha’s namely – ‘Vata, Pitta, and Kapha’.

Prakriti is the predominance of either of a dosha and can be found out with an assessment.

Knowing your prakriti helps you…

  • Live a healthy lifestyle yourself.
  • Understand your body, your nature and your body’s behaviour in your daily routine.
  • Helps to identify and prevent any disease in it’s very early stage.
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Our Approach

Ancient Ayurved in Modern Context

Ayurved is based on the primary laws of maintaining a balance between the linked relationships within body and mind. It helps a person to understand the benefits of knowing their body, mind and its close association with Nature. The power of Nature and natural elements is inevitable in curing and reforming our life and health issues. Ayurveda is an amalgamation of nature and science which coherently leads us to the ultimate essence of life in its purest form. We at Jogi Ayurveda enforce the life of nature into you through our core knowledge and expertise.

Chetan Vaddoriya
Chetan Vaddoriya
Managed by well proffessional ayurvedic team. Mrs. Jogal's deep knowledge + carefully right treatement helps to heal raplidly from any diseases. Thanks!!
Divya Champaneri
Divya Champaneri
clean hospital. Staff is well experienced & trained. I completed my panchkarm with jogi clinic and its all over good experience with all the staff. Doctor Devangi is very much experienced.I strongly recommend to must visit this Jogi Ayurved clinic.
asmita vadaliya
asmita vadaliya
Mara child ni trirmenent Dr chintan pase 2 manth thi chalti hati tene krumi ni bhuj vadhare taklif hati to have bdhuj complete thay gyu che ye 13th year no che .totally trirmenent online j chalti hati .thank you Dr chintan.
Jaynti Bhimani
Jaynti Bhimani
Proper treatment by doctors as well as staff is also
CA Abhishek Jain
CA Abhishek Jain
Seema Patel
Seema Patel
I highly recommend jogi ayurved hospital. I am extremely satisfie with panchkarma treatment. Doctor Devangi and her team are well experienced and trained. They are very kind and supportive nature.. Thank you jogi ayurved team ..
Mandar Hingnekar
Mandar Hingnekar
Great Doctors!! Professional staff!! Excellent Clinic!! I had been facing acidity, digestion related problems.. After Dr. Devangi's treatment, I am in much better condition now!! Thanks to the team!!
Sunil Patel
Sunil Patel
Well experienced doctors. Well trained staff. Well maintained and cleaning is nice. Encountered most of the disease of my parents and mine too. Waiting time is high.

Why Choose Jogi Ayurved

At Jogi Ayurved Hospital, we believe in giving personalised treatment with customised authentic ayurvedic medicines based on patient’s detailed prakriti analysis targeting for root-cause based permanent cure.

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1. Personalised Treatment

prakrity based analysis

2. Prakriti & Root-Cause Analysis

3. Certified & Trained Doctors


3 Steps 

Personalised Ayurvedic Treatment.

Getting Personalised & Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment is now easier than ever. Get in touch with our health coach to know more or dial +91 88 00 11 80 53


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How Online Consultation is possible in Ayurved?

When talking about online consultations, the first question that arises in mind is how can a doctor help the patient without any physical diagnosis?

Yes, that’s possible. Our specially trained doctors listen to your problem in detail and understand the symptoms carefully. They may also suggest you to go for laboratory tests in some cases if required. Based on your detailed prakriti analysis, your age, nature, health history and symptoms, our doctor can easily identify the root cause and help you recover from it by suggesting personalised diet and prescribing medicines.

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Our Founders

The Name Jogi Ayurved comes from the name of his holiness Akshar Nivasi Pujya JOGI Swami (Hari Prakash Das Ji Swami).

Jogi Swami inspired millions of souls to the path of salvation through divinity and his own life.

Jogi Ayurved Hospital established by Mr. Nilesh Jogal in year 2000. And led by Dr. Devangi Jogal who is a qualified Ayurved Practitioner. She is a post graduate in M.D (Ayurved), with specialization in General Medicine – Kaya Chikitsa.

nilesh jogal

Nilesh Jogal

Founder, Jogi Ayurved Hospital.

devangi jogal

Dr. Devangi Jogal

M.D. (Ayurved), Double Gold Medalist.