Virechana (Purgation)

It is drug induced purgation beneficial for all types of Patta dominant disorders.

Indications :

VirechanaPurgation is employed to people suffering from….

  • Chronic skin disorders.
  • Indigestion Chronic Constipation.
  • Diseases of colon.Intestinal worms.
  • GIT disorders.

Procedure :

After the oleation therapy and diaphoresis is properly administered, a light diet at night, is advised, the purgative medicine depending upon the disease and Prakruti of the patient is given orally to the patient. After this purgation or the elimination of toxins through stools begins. The frequency, quantity, and physical examination of stools, i.e., color and consistency is observed. Blood pressure, pulse, respiration chart is maintained to keep a check on dehydration.

Post Purgation procedures :

Diet should be on the lines of Sansarjan Krama which depends upon the Prakruti of patient, disorder to be treated and quality of Virechan carried out.