Rakta Mokshan

Rakta-MokshanRakta Mokshan or Artificial Bloodletting was included in the Panchkarma therapy by Acharya Sushruta. Rakta Mokshan is essentially extracting blood from specific blood vessels (veins), mentioned for specific chronic diseases. In past, it was done by using purified and sterilized horns of animals, gourd, by applying leeches or by puncturing veins (Phlebotomy). At present only latter two methods are followed. However, since it is an invasive procedure, it should be administered by a licensed physician only. Before beginning with the bloodletting therapy, the preparatory procedures such as Abhyanga (external Oleation therapy) and Swedan (local fomentation) are usually carried out on the affected area. Rakta Mokshan is carried out in the cases of Alopecia, Eczema Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Skin Disease, eczema, Thrombosis, Varicose Vein, etc.