Garba Sanskar

A unique concept of Ayurveda developed by ancient Rishis through which parents can have a baby with all the psycho-physiological attributes parents wants to be in their baby. This means, by Garbh Sanskar, parents can plan and program their baby the way they want ! The wonderful, reliable, effective and unique science catering to the needs of modern parents….


A child’s rearing and development begins from the time it is conceived, rather than once it is born. In fact, all the basics of life are learnt through the pregnant mother. Her joys and suffering, her food and exercise, her thoughts and emotions, everything has an impact on the fetus. That is why since time immemorial they say that a mother during pregnancy must devote her time in spiritual/religious practices.

What was the age-old practices  in Indian families regarding rearing the child in pregnancy, which we broadly say the practices of Garbh Sanskar,  is now being affirmed and supported by modern era researches.

Ayurved Garbh Sanskar Program mainly consists of: