Ayurveda has been in practice in the Indian subcontinent since some 5000 years now. However, a lot of individuals still regard Ayurveda solely as a medical system that only helps in eliminating the diseases. The truth is that the first and foremost intend of Ayurveda is to safeguard the health and bring a desired harmony in the body, mind and the soul. This is the reason for people around the world preferring Ayurveda.

Surat is one of the fastest growing city in India. JOGI is one of the fastest growing  Ayurvedic Hospital in Surat. In last decade JOGI has touched the lives of more than 50,000 people.

Jogi Ayurved is striving to help the individuals create a balance in their lives through methods and medicines inspired by nature. We at our Ayurvedic hospital practice this medicinal science with utmost conviction and thus, assist people in curing all sorts of ailments and in providing a fruitful healing system that pleases the mind and relaxes the body.

JOGI Ayurved Hospital is lead by a team of professionals having sound academic background as well as decades of experience of practicing Ayurveda. Doctors at JOGI strictly follows the set standards of traditional methods and systems. They are very well acquainted to the needs of each and every customer or patient and therefore, is dedicated to provide the best quality Ayurvedic treatments with an unbeatable experience that is pleasurable as well as relaxing.

Every year hundreds and thousands of visitors and patients come to experience the special soothing Ayurvedic touch of healing at our Ayurvedic Hospital. The major services provided at Jogi Ayurved are Ayurvedic Treatment, Panch Karma, Garbha Sanskar and various courses for patients and students.

We are committed to provide quality healing services as we have everything that one expects from a professionally managed Ayurvedic hospital. Ayurved not only provides us with the deep rooted knowledge of how to prevent these diseases but also how to eradicate the root cause. Jogi Ayurved – Ayurvedic Hospital is a complete solution for such excellent Ayurvedic treatment.

Jogi Ayurved is an Ayurvedic Clinic and Panch Karma hospital. With a well-trained and well qualified team, we provide the patients with a fully equipped hospital and varied facilities for general health care, Infertility treatment and the Panch Karma treatment.

As the name implies, Panch Karma treatment includes five different actions for the primary purification and detoxification of the body. With the help of these 5 different Ayurvedic therapies or processes in Panch Karma treatment, the toxins from the body are eliminated therefore, purifying the body and providing quick recovery from chronic ailments.

The 5 processes in Panch Karma Treatment are namely Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Rakta Mokshan. The series of these processes help balance the bodily energy that governs the biological functions. These bodily energies are popularly known as doshas. When these doshas are taken care of and are properly maintained, the deep rooted stress and the toxins that causes illness leaves the body and restores the mind-body balance.

We at Jogi Ayurved make sure that the harmful toxins, excess doshas and imbalances are removed from the bodily system through various channels of elimination such as intestines, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, lungs, sweat glands, colon etc. We are dedicated to make Panch Karma Treatment a pleasurable experience for you through regular oil baths and massages.

According to Ayurveda, the health of a person depends solely upon his own capability to live through each aspect of life in way that you inherit what nourished you and abandon what represses you. Toxins start accumulating when you are unable to fully digest your emotions, experiences and food. This accumulation of toxins further breeds as the seed of a chronic disease. In such cases, Panch Karma treatment helps restore the healing ability of the body.

Majority of people are still unaware of the fact that Panch Karma treatment is not a generalized therapy. The type and method of Panch Karma Treatment depends upon the chronicity of the disease, pshyco-physiological composition (Prakruti) of the patient, type of disease, age, etc. It is not advisable to take Panch Karma treatment without advice and supervision of a professional Ayurved doctor. At JOGI, we ensure that only relevant and result oriented Parch Karma Treatment is done under strick vigilance and supervision of doctors.

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