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Welcome to JOGI Ayurved

JOGI Ayurved Hospital is located in Surat, Gujarat. The team is led by one of the leading Ayurveda Practitioner of India: Dr. Devangi Nilesh Jogal, M.D. (Ayu.), Double Gold Medalist.We strive to provide an EFFICIENT, SURE & SAFE treatment of chronic as well as acute diseases.

Panch Karma

The word Panchakarma means five different actions (pancha = five; karma = action). These are five broad groups of different specific procedures of Ayurveda

Garba Sanskar

A unique concept of Ayurveda developed by ancient Rishis through which parents can have a baby with all the psycho-physiological attributes parents wants to be in their baby.

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Garbha Sanskar DVD and more products are available on our websites